Monday, 24 April 2017
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After the extraordinarily successful DCDB Dunleer Playground Project, Dunleer has been wondering: "What can the DCDB do to further improve our town?"

The DCDB have been well aware of this big question, and since the completion of the Playground, have not rested on their laurels.

Instead, we have been utilising the skillsets and enormous amounts of practical knowledge and education learned from the challenge presented to us over a year of fundraising to bring the Playground into reality.

Borne with  such positive feedback, and a proven target driven committee of people, the Board realised that we indeed have the necessary capability, and long term foresight to engage in a longer timeline development project.

This will be necessary given the larger scale of this new project, but we are confident we can deliver, whilst being mindful of the sobering costs involved. Still, we are undaunted at the task before us, as we certain we can.



This Autumn, a full launch of our plans and goals for the new Market House Project will take place, and once we do so, a concerted fundraising efffort shall begin in earnest, to get the project underway.

This is something that not just anyone, more importantly, IT IS SOMETHING YOU CAN BE PART OF, and everyone is most welcome to become involved in, and play your part in something we can cherish in Dunleer for all in the community.





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