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From 1995 through to 2008 Ireland saw a significant growth in its economy and a large influx of new residents from many different countries. Towns and villages that lay untouched for years suddenly witnessed a large influx of new people into their community. Dunleer witnessed the same degree of change and what was once a village is now officially a Town.


The close proximity of Dunleer to Dublin (the capital city of Ireland) and with the short travelling distance to the two main towns of Drogheda and Dundalk make Dunleer town a most attractive place for commuters to reside.


In the midst of this demographic change, the arrival of new residents has been embraced and welcomed by all members in the community. Cognisant of this change, a number of community groups came together to consider some critical issues that needed to be addressed.


To help ensure that as the community developed services & facilities in came tandem with this change, it was felt that it was time Dunleer had a forum to focus the civic spirit of Dunleer into one voice. The name of the body that was established to fulfill this role is Dunleer's umbrella body for the affiliated local groups:


- Dunleer Community Development Board.


A group of concerned individuals came together in 1998 to focus on the idea of forming a forum for community issues and speaking with one voice.


However it was not until 1999 following invitations to voluntary groups, and other organizations and individuals that a steering committee started to draw up a constitution for a community based federation of member groups and individuals.


The new body agreed was the Dunleer Community Development Board. There are over thirty different voluntary groups affiliated under it's constitution.


It has annual elections to elect a new Executive committee. The Constitution inaugurated in 2002 governs this community umbrella body and how it conducts it's affairs on behalf of the community.


These Annual General Meetings with election of officers to an Executive Committee have been held annually.


A common theme since has been the need to focus on working together to achieve common goals.


All directors and members of Dunleer Community Development Board work as volunteers, and are delighted to do so on behalf of Dunleer and it's surrounding Mid-Louth area.


We are strictly apolitical, and our focus is on the community.


We are also a forum for discussion and interface between local government officials, government bodies, community groups, local employers and the community. This is why we endeavour to hold as regular public meetings. We are transparent in all our work, and are fully accountable to our affiliated member associations.


A set of accounts are prepared annually.


If there is an unfulfilled need in the community, we work to address that need. If someone provides a service already, we will not duplicate it.


In 2011, we made two momentous decisions in the Board's existence - the building of a community playground and restoration of Dunleer Market House for the community. In both cases, a huge effort was required to fundraise for both projects. In the current economic climate, the necessary funds were raised, thanks to the extraordinary generousity of local ciitizens. It showed that the old adage really holds true - 'Charity begins at home'.


In 2012, we completed and handed over to our town the community playground. With all our energies then focused on the Market House Project, we finally secured the necessary fundraising in 2013. Restoration commenced in September of that year, with a completion date aimed at Mid 2014.


Mission Statement

Working in partnership with voluntary community groups, individuals and government agencies we can develop a sustainable community, with recreational and educational services that benefit all within this community. Give due consideration to the environmental and social needs of the area .


To communicate, advocate & drive forward the issues which need to be addressed for the betterment of Dunleer and it's surrounding area, so that it can be enjoyed by everyone in the community.



By working together we can achieve for the benefit of all those in our town without distinction and in conjunction with other organisations the following:


  • Achieve good zoning and planning for housing, industry and recreational facilities.
  • To address the needs of those individuals & groups within our community.
  • To develop a sustainable plan of action to address the needs of the community through partnering with groups other organizations and statutory bodies.




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